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Chapter 5

The issue has rapidly becoming popular again after several years of slow response. “97 men of AURA dedicating seconds of their lives protecting your skin” has got a new challenge. This time really does take seconds of their lives. They were isolated in an all-there laboratory—squeezing all they got in their brain for drops of liquid protecting the world’s skin.
Around 93.312.000 seconds of the men of AURA were sacrificed in return of bottles of magic liquid and a genie for each scientist to grant their own and their family’s wishes. Everything was perfect. AURA was completely ready to be nunmber one again.
But wait, …if AURA had to be number one again, this time should be forever. The thought came up from a 13-year-old boy named Richard. He happened to be one of the luckiest children in the world for being the son of the owner of AURA.
This boy is loaded with fresh ideas that can be scarry sometimes. Well,…most of the time. When he was ten years old, He wrote a story about two best friends who were desperately going to commit suicide for all the problems they had in their lives. They chose to free-fall from the thirteenth floor (what a number) of an unfinished construction. There they sat hanging loose, cried all night realizing their mistakes. Anyway they decided not to commit suicide and lived on till the end. However, when they stood up, somehow they tripped on each other and flew to the bottom of the building.



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