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Minutes of Meeting: Definition of Love

In a meeting room.

A: So, is everyone ready?
B, J, C, D: Yes!
A: Good. Our first agenda is to define love. I will start. I think love is a feeling that drives us till the end. It pushes us way off our limit to do many crazy, sweet as well as stupid things.
C: I disagree. Your definition seems to underestimate human brain. If we do crazy, sweet and stupid things, meaning we do not use our brain, right?
A: Right! That is fair I think. Isn’t love about our feelings? The organ functioning under love’s control is our heart, right? Not our brain!
C: But look at our anatomy. The location of our heart is not far from our brain. Chest and head, right? So, there’s gotta be some logical explanation that brain can propose in regards to how we feel. What do you think, B?
B: Well, as a love practitioner, I would say that I agree with A. Every time I was in love, I always do things which I regret after I broke up.
A: Exactly!!! Here is how our ideas are related to one and another. You see, when two people are in love, the energy from the hearts between them seem to flow in the same wave length. It is so strong that it blocks other current of energy–the one from our brain. The wave length is cut as soon as the two persons broke up. And that is when our brain takes back the control. That is when we realize that we were doing crazy, sweet and also stupid things.
C: Why underestimating our brains? Aren’t we still humans? Are you saying that when we are in love we turn to animals–creatures without brains? Love is not a good thing, then.
B: Love is!!!! This world we are living in exists because of love. We live in harmony with each other because of love.
C: So our brain does not tell us to keep the order of the society we are living in? Our brains are in the silent mode, now?
A: This is all so chaotic. J, what do you think about it? Why are you so silent?

J: (Clearing out throat) Well, if it all were up to me, why bother defining love? I would just live it!

PS: D is the typist 🙂

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3 responses to “Minutes of Meeting: Definition of Love

  1. Je

    maaf. lupa ngasi tau kalo postingan yang itu cuma for the thinking humans. LOL

  2. Thinking humans? Yeah right. Like you think when you love… ever…

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