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The Song

A friend of mine came up with this idea of writing songs for the children. When she heard me playing guitar like an amateur, she asked me if I object if we modify the lyric into another one more suitable for children. Then I said:
“I have several other songs. But not this one, please/”


Then I added:

“Too many emotional connections to this one.”

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

2 responses to “The Song

  1. eX

    keren blognya…tp kok sepi sih, byk yg ilang, contohnya archivesnya ga ada (ini kelemahan dr blogcrowd) atau emang blm dimunculin ya? anyway…slamet ya atas tampilan barunyaLagunya kaya apa ya? Jadi penasaran. Boleh denger?

  2. Kenny

    wadoooh lu gak bilang siiiy itu judule theme song hidup lu je….

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