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Pants Stripping

We were in the training room and discussing about children in classroom who like to strip down other children’s pants. So there were discussions and small laughters but not some stripping down of the participants’ pants, off course–not that I didn’t want to see that!!!
Many of my friends shared their experience in it. One was very interesting. It came from a dignified lady who is married, I suppose since this was what she said about a teacher experiencing an act of pants stripping in one of her colleague’s class:
“She went out of the class looking surprised and came to me. I said:
“What’s wrong?”
“She told me that some boys stripped their pants down. And she was SINGLE, so…”

Everyone burst in laugther trying hard to :
1. relate being SINGLE and facing that problem.
2. relate the possibilities of a SINGLE woman seeing things she should be happy seeing–if only those boys were more mature.

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