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Tomorrow Today: The Database

This posting is related to the posting entitled “And Now,…I Know.” Below are some parts of it.
Am I not the luckiest man alive for having a best friend the youngest scientist in America? I got a chance to try out new gadgets he was working on at home. He did it purposely. He chose to bring his work home until everything is ready then brings it to the office. It’s because he was afraid that his ideas can be stolen by his so-called fellow competitor researchers.
At that time he was working on two gadgets. The first one was mood detector and the other was feeling enhancer. They were incredibly small. Welcome to the year of 2020 where big technology comes half the size!

The Database

After I broke up with my girlfriend,well,..y ex-girlfriend, I turned ugly. It was because of that stupid feeling enhancer thing. I hadn’t been able to forgive myself for what I did. Luckily y scientist friend—Jeff—had forgiven e. why shoudn’t he? At least he got the chance to know that his gadgets worked well. My relationship was the proof.
That night I was in his room playing his guitar. I was singing stupid love songs—love songs are stupid unless you are in love! He seemed to get annoyed and took his eyes of his gadgets.
“You gotta stop this, really. It is irritating that you play those stupid love songs!”
So at least I know that Jeff wasn’t in love either.
“Help me!”
“I am helping myself, actually. Come here tomorrow at eight.”
“Why tomorrow? Why not now?”
“Coz you are leaving now.” He got my bag and handed it over to me.
I stood up fro the window and said:
“Tomorrow, ok. Catch you later, bud!”
Then I left and headed straight home waiting until eight the next day.

California, 08:00 pm, the next day
I knocked at Jeff’s door only to find him shouting:
“Come on in!”
I did as I was shouted at and he directly approached me with something in his hand.
“OK, let’s try this.” He showed what I first thought of a calculator. But of course,..half the size.
“What’s this?”
“It’s a damn good gadget which I was really sorry for not creating! Doug created it. Shit!”
Doug was his best competitor.
“I hate the fact that he used simple things from the past and made it advance. It’s basically a database of everyone in the world.
“And how is that possible?”
“Na, me, I do not want to tell you that he came up with this cheap finger print ID in 2015 that all stores and other public places could afford. You see, the finger print can be a very good source of personality recognition. I really do not have time to tell you all this.”
“You just did. Thanks anyway. So, let’s get it on. All you need is to put your finger right over here” He pointed a red glass surface that blinks after he click on a panel.
“After that?”
“Give it a sec and there will be menus appearing. It’s like a query. It can be “Carrer opportunities, Lucky number and the one you need is…Love Match! Go on,..start!”
I pressed y thumb on the blinking glass and then the menus appeared. I entered “LOVE MATCH” and there was an instruction that I had to press some numbers. I did all that and then there was a notification for me to wait 60 seconds.
“Why sixty seconds?”
“Aw, c’mon, Maulana!! It detects E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E’s personality. You gotta give it a break.”
“OK, but then what is going to appear on the screen?”
“Well, analyzes your personality and your expected or admired personality. Basically it will show a name of a person and her current location.”
“Cool!!! I can’t wait!”
“Well, not very long. Let’s do the countdown….now!”
“5, 4, 3, 2 ….1!”

“Maulana Surya Antara. CALIFORNIA. 00.


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