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Nomination for father of the day

I set my alarm at 4.30. I also set reminderS (yes, with capital “S”) at around that time. I even asked my Mom to give me a call at 4.30. Everyone was doing their jobs…but me. I woke up late simply coz I spent sleepless night. Well, I woke up anyway! Hehehe. I was on the car with one of my favorite drivers. We were like going at night, you see. It was dark as in D-A-R-K. Then it rained hard as in H-A-R-D. Then I didn’t know what else happened coz I was busy selecting my digital dream. When I woke up, it was almost the end of the highway. Goooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!
(I wrote that synically since I was supposed to fix some slides in the car).
So, I arrived there at 7.30. Got some times for instant noodle and a cup of coffee (I desperately needed more than one).
I asked myself a question: Will everything turned bad?
When I entered the building where I had to give trainings and was welcomed with great smiles of the people there…. I said..”Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Things will be just fine.”
And they were FINE, indeed.
The most challenging part of any trainings that I give would be the teaching demo. I had to teach in front of 11 strange “monster” who were actually very cute.
I will never forget an activity I gave when I asked the students to challenge their friends by saying some words certain times. By the end of that activity, one student said to me.
“Mr,..Mr,.. Please say “bread and butter” 100x.
Everybody laughed and I was happy that I became the joke of the day. Anything to make others laugh, I guess.
The day almost ended. I went to the hotel totally exhausted. It was designed surely for people to get sleepy–dim lights and all that. But the afternoon was still young. I carried my laptop outside by the pool. Many children were there. Ans the water was just refreshing.
In front of me there was a father watching his two children at the pool–one daughter and one son. Everytime I look at a father, I always envy him. He must be happy having a family to go home into. Just like this one. He must be just off from work and took his children to the pool. A very nice and fatherly activity. Are the children lucky to have him? Hold your answer ’till you read what came next.

He look at the pool and praised his daughter many times for taking risks of swimming, but not his son. He started saying things like:
“Go swim! If you don’t do that, I will not take you back home!”
Ooooh Myyyyyy Gooooooooood!!!
“If you don’t try to swim better, you are not my son!”
Ooooooooooh Myyyyy Goooooooood!!! (Still the same God I was calling)
Then he shouted at his daughter:
“We will go to malls after this.”
Then the bad thing was that the daughter shouted back:
“Of course not. We will go without him.”
What kind of man does he want his son to grow up into anyway? Why couldn’t he let his son take his time ’till he was ready?
I just hope that I will not turn into him.

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  1. Daffodil

    kali yg cowok bukan anaknya beneran….

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