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what i imagine if i want to take a medicine

My friend says that if he takes a medicine, he always imagines himself saying to his sickness: “There you go. Eat that!! Huh!! Die you. Now you know how it feels!!! Die you!!!”
I don’t do that. Here’s what I have in my imagination when I take my meds.
I imagine my meds talking to me:
“Sir, we are ready to do our job. Request permission to embark.”
“Carry on, young man!” I said.
“Sir, yes, Sir.”
Then after that, a beautiful girl with long legs leads me to a very comfortable bed and put a halo above my head. She inserted my meds in the halo. Then she turns the lights off. The only thing shining is the halo. After that it starts to go lower through my head and stop a bit longer in the area when I feel sick. And after that the halo runs through the end of my panuan feet and the day after,…I am feeling much better 🙂

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

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