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Verification Code

I asked a question to my friends about verifications code we usually have to enter when creating accounts to register things in the web. Why do they have to come in “erotic” forms? You know,’s like the hips of erotic dancers (Forgive me, GOD) moving here and there. They are never just plain texts. I just don’t get it. Anyway, here are some of their answers:
1. It’s like a test to ensure your literacy.
2. The webmasters just want to make sure that you were not drunk when registering.
3. They just got nothing to do, really.
4. People whose work is creating websites just wana have some fun troubling us.
5. Eye test.
6. I don’t know.
7. Why bother? Don’t you have other things to do?
8. …

Oh God,…give me enlightment, please…

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2 responses to “Verification Code

  1. Mariskova

    After this post, I’m convinced that you really really have nothing to do at the office…. Hahahaha!

  2. Je

    That does not answer my question, dep. I take it that you don’t know??? maybe browsing around the answer to my question can give you something to do at the office. Hahhahaha.

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