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Yours again…seriously

Yours again…seriously

I was somehow reminded of my very first attempt to get back to Lily. I was sitting in her living room crying like a big baby. She was not touched at all. I got a big no no.

That did not stop me from trying. I had been doing many things to get back to her once and for all.

I spent my whole November pocket money on Lilies that I sent to her house. When she got home, she called and yelled at me on the phone. She said that her parents interrogated her all night log for the flowers.

Once I called her fav radio program that she never misses. It was a sharing-on-the-air program. I called and shared my stories. I used real names during the conversation. I even specifically told Lily’s school. I ended my call with:

‘Please come back to me Lily Hidayah.’

After that she called and yelled at me and said that she did not want to see me anymore.

She DID not see me anymore for several days. However, I made sure that she would never escape from me. I forced my friend who was an editor of Lily’s fav magazine to publish my short story. It’s about a boy who really wants to get back to his girl who had dumped him. I definately used real name on that one also.

Lily obviously read the story coz after the magazine was on the market, she texted me:

‘Too much. I hate it when you use real names!’

I was desparate and frustrated that once I skipped class, secretly stood by Lily’s gate early in the morning and waited for her to come out of her house. I followed her to school, waited for her until the school was over and was behind her on her way home. Accross the street, I observed her from her window until she called me.

‘Hey, Lily, you’re calling me. Wow!’

‘Shut up! If you keep following me, I’ll call the police!’

‘No…no…don’t. I just…’

‘Mom,…call the police. He doesn’t want to go’ She shouted on the phone.

I was scared and ran home immediately.

Those were the actions that I took. The next one was in my hands. Seventy-three pages printed from my computer. I looked at the front cover and smiled on the title:


I pressed the bell and surprisingly Lily herself opened it.

‘For you.’ That’s what I said before she opened her mouth to speak.

She stood there looking at what I brought her. She browsed around it for twenty minutes. She looked annoyed but then she giggled. Suddenly she looked at me seriously and said:

‘Stop it!’ She just threw the book at my chest and locked the gate.

I was down at my lowest. I walked home for about forty-five minutes non-stop. All my efforts seem meaningless.

I felt very tired. I stopped by a while and sat down on the pavement. Passing by in front of me was an old man selling balloons. I felt fresh again! I decided that time to buy many balloons and write Lily’s name on each of them. At around three tomorrow afternoon I would release the ballons so that she could see it from her window of her room on the second floor. BRILLIANT!!!


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